"Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life."

Hunter S. Thompson

Addiction and Intelligence: Is There a Connection?

"A study titled “The Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Instable Personality in Substance Abusers” said specifically that “…intelligence was significantly correlated with instable personality in substance abusers.” This study supports the conclusion found in the previously discussed article stating that mental illness, which can also be referred to as instable personality, is a strong link between intelligence and addiction."

Here's Why the Dog Shouldn't Lick the Baby (And How to Prevent It)

"While it may look like love when a dog licks a baby’s face, it usually means that a dog is asserting dominance. It’s licking the baby, saying that the baby is its property. There is a dangerous dynamic that is introduced when a dog is allowed to believe that an infant is his to protect. Dogs are very protective. We see this in our dogs even without babies and young children around. They will bark when someone comes to the door. They will even attack when they feel like their owners are truly being threatened. The bottom line is that you do not want your dog to form a parental or protector relationship with your baby. It will foster risky, harmful behavior in the future."

How to Sweeten Oatmeal Without Sugar (18 Healthy Ways)

"Oatmeal is an incredibly popular breakfast food staple, and it is a very healthy one. Not only is it a good source of whole grains, but it includes a starch called beta-glucan that helps to lower cholesterol, protect the heart, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. Oatmeal is a very filling meal that contains enough fiber to improve your digestion and promote GI tract regularity. But oatmeal tastes rather bland alone. To keep it healthy, you will probably search for alternatives to refined sugar because sugar completely combats the health content of the oatmeal when it’s added to it."

Best Non-Toxic Baby Toy Brands

"Babies are incredibly curious. They are constantly exploring with their hands and placing things into their mouths as a way to figure out this big, new world around them. Because of this, parents must be diligent in making sure that the toys they provide their babies are non-toxic and completely safe. Parents must pay attention to where the toys are manufactured, what the toys are made of, and whether there have been any recalls on the toys that they are looking to purchase."

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